Periodontal Disease and Soft Tissue Management

75- 86 percent of American adults suffer from gum disease. It’s very common, but the good news is that it’s treatable. When you see Dr. Goldy this is one of the first evaluations he will do with you. A periodontal pocket is an area where inflammation and/or infection is present. Later stages of the disease involve bone loss. Periodontal infection can lead to bad breath, bad smell/taste, bleeding, tender gums, and eventually tooth loss. It’s also been linked to heart attacks, strokes, diabetic complications and low birth weight in babies.

Our Soft Tissue Management Program

Our Soft Tissue Management (STM) program consists of periodontal debridement with a piezo scaler: a laser like instrument which is quick and painless. Scaling and root planing with hand instruments will be meticulously carried out along with an in office irrigation treatment with the warmed medicaments: chlorhexidine and fluoride; which are known to aid in the healing process.

Included in this STM program is the finest motorized toothbrush in the industry: ROTADENT. This toothbrush is only dispensed by a dental office and carries a lifetime guarantee. We will show you how to use it alog with customized instruction of other oral hygiene aids. We will provide you with “Periocheck”:(a prescription mouthrinse that prevents decay, inhibits plaque and desensitizes the teeth) or “Perioguard” (a bacteriostatic mouthrinse which aids in healing after periodontal treatment)

Our Goal

The goal of our Soft Tissue management treatment program is to resolve the signs of inflammation, reduce pocket depths and detectable plaque to a level associated with periodontal health. Ideally we can halt the progression of the periodontal disease.

We always start with a conservative, non-surgical periodontal therapy program, but you should be aware that referral to a periodontist may be necessary to evaluate the need for periodontal surgery. By undergoing the STM program our hope is you will avoid or limit the need for periodontal surgery.

Treatment appointments for Soft Tissue Management consist of:

Depending on the type of periodontal disease present the STM program consists of 2 to 4 visits; with the corresponding fees ranging from $432 to $1744. The details of each appointment will be explained at the time of diagnosis and treatment plan. Our staff will provide written materials as well as detailed video presentations to educate and inform all patients.