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Dental X-Rays in Beverly Hills

Dental X-Rays Beverly HillsDigital dental X-rays use new technology to improve the quality of dental care. At our Beverly Hills office, Dr. Steven Goldy offers digital X-rays for better patient comfort, safety and imaging results. X-rays use electromagnetic radiation to pass through soft tissue and reveal the condition of your teeth, roots and other structures.

Traditional X-rays use film, but digital dental X-rays utilize a computer sensor connected via a thin wire for a better image and a more comfortable patient experience.

Why Are Dental X-Rays Necessary?

X-rays allow Dr. Goldy a closer look at the condition of your jaw, facial bone, teeth and roots. These images can show dental problems before they’re detectable during an exam. The dense teeth and bones appear white or lighter than the gums and cheeks, and the results may reveal the following concerns:

  • Small spots of decay between teeth
  • Jawbone degradation or resorption
  • Cavity growing underneath existing fillings
  • Infection in the center of the tooth or bone
  • Cysts and some tumors

These X-rays also help plan cosmetic and restorative dentistry procedures with a clear view of the position and condition of all teeth before dental implants, dentures or braces.

What Are the Benefits of Digital Dental X-Rays?

Digital dental X-rays offer a 2-D type of dental imaging that is available within seconds on a computer screen and may be printed out or shared with other dentists and specialists. These images can be enlarged in fine detail.

Digital X-Rays Beverly HillsTraditional film X-rays expose the patient to small amounts of radiation, and digital X-rays reduce radiation exposure by 90%, using a tenth of the level of radiation involved with previous technology. Film X-rays require you to bite down on thick paper that may cut your cheeks and gums or jam inside your mouth. The sensor used for digital X-rays is much more comfortable to use and does not involve biting on paper.

Digital dental X-rays provide better-quality images in less time, allowing Dr. Goldy to enhance the X-rays for a complete view of your teeth and dental issues.

How Do Digital Dental X-Rays Work?

Our dental team will explain the X-ray process while capturing the images. Like film X-rays, we will move the sensor around the mouth to capture images of all teeth, tissues and bones. Dr. Goldy will evaluate the X-ray findings and share his medical opinion. Some dental problems, such as minor tooth decay, may be monitored from visit to visit, while others require prompt treatment.

What Can I Expect from Digital X-Ray Results?

Digital X-rays produce high-quality images that you can view with Dr. Goldy right away to better understand your oral health needs. You can expect a complete picture of your teeth and budding dental problems with faster and more precise results.

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