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Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Intro to Steven M. Goldy DDS Rock and Roll Hall of fame

I have always been a Rock and Roll Fan and grew up collecting albums and seeing many of my favorite groups in concert. Classic and Acoustic Rock and Roll has been ingrained in my psyche since before I saw the Beatles on Ed Sullivan in 1964. Many of my patients will attest to the fact that I play this music day in and day out in my office. (Most like it, some do not but what are you gonna do?) Back in early 2006, I wondered into a restaurant in Brentwood and was captivated by and exhibit by Rock and Roll photographer: Richard Aaron, I was instantly drawn to his photographs and they visually represented many of my favorite artists. A light bulb went off in my head and I contacted Richard. He helped me pick out some of his best photographs of my favorite Rockers, I framed them and carefully placed them in the long corridor of my dental office. Hence my Rock and Roll Hall of fame was born. (It didn’t hurt that Richard needed some dental work). Sadly, Richard has since passed away; may he RIP. He was a kind and gentle soul whose imprint in Rock and Roll photography will endure! You can view or purchase his awesome rock pics at:

Many of my patients comment and guess who the rockers are. I challenge you to name them all when you visit my office. Only a handful of patients have gotten 100%! An interesting side note is that 3 of the inductees into the 2014 Rock and Roll Hall of fame are members of my personal Wall of fame!.
Please enjoy these photos and feel free to stop by and check them out in person any time you like!

Steven M. Goldy DDS