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Biolase Laser Dentistry in Beverly Hills

Biolase laser dentistry offers a quick, safe and effective tool in the fight against dental disease. These laser devices utilize low-level energy for a range of minimally invasive dental and periodontal procedures that aim to prevent and treat gum (periodontal) disease. Our office utilizes this technology for laser bacterial reduction (LBR) and laser curettage to help patients with gum disease and those with healthy mouths who wish to prevent oral health problems.

Dr. Steven Goldy and our dental staff strive to provide advanced treatments that improve the standard of care for our patients in Beverly Hills. Dr. Goldy is a premier dentist at the forefront of aesthetic dentistry and dental care. He regularly attends continuing medical education courses to ensure our office provides state-of-the-art treatments. We use Biolase diode laser technology for soft-tissue periodontal treatment to ensure our patients leave with a healthier smile.

Laser Bacterial Reduction with Diode Laser Technology

Our office uses the Epic Hygiene system by Biolase for LBR. Epic Hygiene is a new procedure we can add to your routine cleaning appointments to help fight and prevent periodontal disease. This technology can prevent gum (periodontal) disease from worsening and keep your oral tissues and jawbone healthy. These treatments are gentle, often lead to less bleeding than traditional periodontal treatment and require little to no local anesthesia.

This procedure takes about five to 10 minutes and is a comfortable and easy addition to bi-annual teeth cleanings and dental exams. The diode laser device is a painless and clinically proven tool to kill bacteria in the mouth that lead to periodontal disease, reducing infection before it causes further damage.

LBR decontaminates and disinfects periodontal pockets around the teeth where gum tissue has pulled away. This technology treats ulcers and lesions in the oral tissues, removes diseased tissue and performs debridement (removing plaque and tartar from the teeth surfaces and around the gums). The laser treatment aims to stop gums from bleeding and minimize bacterial exposure in other areas of the mouth and body.

Laser Curettage With Biolase Diode Laser Technology

The same laser is also utilized for periodontal treatment in patients with advanced gum disease. The diode laser is used in tandem with scaling and root planing to improve the gum tissues. After a local or topical anesthetic numbs the area, our dentist applies the initiated laser tip with sweeping motions to remove bacteria trapped in the periodontal pockets and decontaminate the tissues. The diode laser by Biolase is the only FDA-approved technology for laser curettage and improves upon the traditional method involving handheld instruments.

A study published in Lasers in Medical Science examined the outcomes of gingival curettage during non-surgical periodontal treatment performed with a diode laser (Biolase) and conventional instruments. The study included 18 patients with moderate gum tissue damage caused by periodontal disease. Each patient received both hand and laser techniques on different quadrants in their mouth. Researchers compared the amount of plaque, bleeding, pocket depth, gum inflammation, degree of periodontal tissue support and other factors before treatment and four weeks after gingival curettage.

The diode laser curettage provided statistically significant improvements at the end of the study in bleeding, inflammation, tissue support and plaque formation when compared to the hand instruments. Patients also reported the treatment was more comfortable with the Biolase diode laser. Laser curettage proved to be a faster, less painful and more effective way to remove bacteria and diseased tissue during periodontal treatment.

Warning Signs and Risk Factors for Gum Disease

Biolase Dentistry Beverly Hills Gum disease is a bacterial infection that affects many adults. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 47.2% of adults 30 and older and 70.1% of adults 65 and older have a form of periodontal (gum) disease. Gum and bone damage from bacterial infection is a growing epidemic, and Biolase can reduce or eliminate this dental disease.

Many people don’t realize they have the beginning stages of gum disease (gingivitis). Warning signs include persistent bad breath, swollen, red or bleeding gums and sensitive teeth. As the disease progresses, you may experience loose teeth, gum tissue pulling away from the teeth and bite changes.

Preventing gum disease is imperative to your oral and overall health. Periodontal disease is linked to diabetes, dementia and heart disease and is the main reason for tooth loss in adults. Preventative treatment with Epic Hygiene can stop bone loss and gum detachment caused by advanced gum disease. Biolase laser treatment with Epic Hygiene allows our dentist to remove mechanical irritants, such as food debris, plaque and tartar, during routine cleanings and addresses the underlying infection before it damages the gums.

For patients with existing gum disease, laser curettage with the Biolase diode laser system can improve periodontal health and is proven to improve results, reduce treatment length and increase patient comfort during the procedure.

Add Biolase Laser Dentistry to Your Dental Exam and Cleaning

Schedule a dental exam and teeth cleaning to experience the benefits of Biolase laser dentistry and discuss your periodontal health. Contact Dr. Steven Goldy in Beverly Hills, California, at (310) 550-1511 or fill out our online contact form. Our dentistry office also serves Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Santa Monica, Culver City and Marina Del Rey.